Saturday, July 7, 2007

the sky

Today- A few white clouds in a blue sky, the yellow sun shining, and suddenly rain pouring down, off and on in intervals, and then, after 20 minutes it stopped, the sun shone through it all, the sky stayed blue, the clouds white, afterward it was like the rain had never happened. (except for the puddle at the bottom of the driveway). I don't remember ever seeing before, a downpour through a clear sunny day.

Tonight-My husband declined my offer for him to walk the rest of the trash out to the can, so I did it. As I walked, I realized I am hardly ever out at night. I lock my doors to it, the darkness. It is so beautiful out, so peaceful, the stars, the crickets, the warm air. I will make it a point to spend time there. More often lately I find I like to say my nightly prayers while looking out the window, up at the stars. I like the vastness of it, of feeling the universe, I feel more like I am talking to someone, to something then, often times when I say them in bed, it seems mere routine; I don't feel a great vast other, I just feel words. I like sensing the heavens, and the earth. I, just one of so many people, one of so many creatures, looking up at the forever sky. During the day the sky seems like an end, the top layer of our planet. At night, the sky seems like a window, we can use to peer into a different world.

12:21 now, way past my bedtime. my thoughts murky with longing for sleep
the world is so beautiful. It is filled with a great many painful things, but it is quite beautiful.

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