Monday, July 9, 2007

still not inclined to be merry

I am tired of doing yard work.
Had a "conversation" with Bob today. He insists he is not upset with me, just furstrated with ALL that needs to be done. It just feels like he is constantly upset with me, because he is perpetually upset and complaining.

I am also tired of crushing on a particular someone. Even if I was the last woman on earth, I wouldn't have a chance. I need to find someone less handsome, less rich, less busy, and over-all less shiny.

I am also tired of beetle war. A japanese beetle, either stung or pinched, or whatever the heck it is they can do, me yesterday, and it hurt. The ones out front are simple, I just slide them into the bucket of water. But the ones in the purple bed on the side of the house, they're smart. And nasty nasty.

I wish I could get video of the yellow finch in the fountain, I swear he is having an intimate relationship with it. He stands on the top tier pressing his body against it, as the water flows out, cupping the pillar with his body, up on toes, head into the top of fountain, his beak dives into the center of it as the water pours out, like a bee into the center of a flower, the core of nectar, then he tilts his head back and swallows it down, then he dives back down in for more.

Well at least the birds are enjoying the effects of the yard work. Bob wont take us anywhere or do anything till it is all done. We do still get to go to the pool though, thank God. I have to get ready to take Cheese soon. At least there I can sit and read and not feel guilty about it. In fact I would get reprimanded if I did not go. (as the membership was not free, and it is the only thing that will tear Cheese away from TV, video games, and Legos.)

Which reminds me, tear and tear should not be the same. I shed a tear as I tear up the photograph.
anyway time to print out some research information to take to the pool.

Oh and I found hollyhock in the backyard, beautiful pale peach, attempted to plant it last year, or year before, from seed, nada nada nada, finally, finally, finally. It has placed itself in a bad place though, so I dug deep, and moved it to the front bed. I hope it doesn't die now, but there was no seeing it where it was.

photos will be extra bad for awhile. I am out of video tape, so am using previous stuff, or like this photo using my isight built into camera. When I get film I will take a better shot of this rabbit, he is my writing symbol.

P.S. Drat! Now I am out of printing paper.


Vesper said...

I love this picture! One could probably invent a whole story just from it.
And the description of the finch - beautiful!

Taffiny said...

I was concerned I looked like a nutter, but maybe that is what would make a story out of it.
Partly it is to hide my face, and partly it is because a white rabbit happens to appear in two of the stories I am working on. The stories are part of me, so, so is the rabbit.
Thanks again.
I am quite fond of the little yellow finch (maybe not quite as fond of him as he is of the fountain...)