Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks postponed due to rain

We probably wont go to see them now, as Bob works late tomorrow, and it is unlikely that Cheese and I will go without him.
We watched the ones on TV from New York, so beautiful, must be incredible to see in-person. (the photo is not of those)

I felt very optimistic about my writing today, which I thought odd as I haven't been writing lately, but then realized that was exactly the reason I felt so optimistic. Much easier to see the potential from a safe distance, just as it is much easier to see all the problems when up close. So easy to imagine something could be wonderful when not working on it, sad really to take up working on it again, and lose all that dreamy happy. But like a little bell it rings. Come hither, answer, come hither.

Oh, bedtime, I can't recall it ever being bedtime so early in any other summer. Where is my endless time? Where is painting, and writing, and reading till the small hours? When it feels all the world is asleep, but my mind is awake dreaming. I remember it well, but can't touch it from here. I can not sleep in the morning, so I must sleep in the night. And dream dreams not of my choosing.

And as they have been going strangely as of late, perhaps I shall set a few requests in with my prayers. Which reminds me, I am so grateful God watered the flowers today, hopefully they will fair better now. Maybe the shastas will become cheerful.

Oh and odd movies, one tends to watch things late at night, one wouldn't take up during normal hours, you start watching, you have no idea what, and keep going with it, wondering where it will go.
But right now, I know where I will go...
but who knows where I'll go once there.


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