Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Wishing all who happen by, a great 2008.

Oh drat, I lost all the pretty changes I made to the type. Oh well.

You say you want a resolution, well you know, we all want to change ourselves..

Mine is to tie an action to each one of my dreams.

To put more action, and less wishing, into dreaming.

Rather standard fare. To eat healthier, to be more fit. To feel healthier and more fit, on all levels, mind, body, spirit.

To love better. My family, my life, the world, myself.

To establish a routine, where I automatically do things that need to be done, rather than have to think of it, and have time to debate the act each time.

Going to bed on time will be key to all other things falling into place.

My greatest resolution though, the one that I have heard calling to me these last few weeks, haunting, like the beating of a buried heart, is to finish the rough draft, and work on the manuscript, work on it, work on it, till it is truly done, till it is the best I can do, I can offer. To finish this one thing I feel called to do.

If at the end of this year, I have gained 40 pounds, eaten a bag of potato chips every day, fed my family pbj sandwiches, or food from a can, for dinner, and have to wade through several inches of dust to walk through my house, if all that, but...BUT I have written that story out, and am proud of the work I have done on it, then it will have been a fantastic year, the best year ever.

So knowing that, I step into 2008

I am grateful for all of those who walk along with me, both close and far.

Viva possibilities! :)


Vesper said...

Happy New Year, Tiffany! May all your wishes come true!

And, yes, you will finish your novel!

Amy said...

Happy New Year to you too Tiffany. Here's a toast to your completed, best-effort novel...CHEERS!

Taffiny said...


Happy New Year. Thanks and the same to you!!

I like that, yes, yes. My new mantra should be, yes I will finish. (and you will submit yours?)


Happy New Year.

Thank you for the toast, and cheers!
I hope your writing is going very well, and will take you along a wonderful path this year.

The site is asking ME for word verification, and I don't even have it set to do that, ugh!

Minx said...

Families can survive on crap food for a long time - mine are testament to that! Happy writing, Taff, a good year in store!

Paul said...

"To finish the rough draft, and work on the manuscript, work on it, work on it, till it is truly done"

That is a fine resolution, one that I should adopt as well. Good luck with it!


Taffiny said...


Thanks for the encouragement!
I don't know if my family thanks you or not. :)


Thanks. Yes please do, and keep telling me how much farther along you are than I.