Thursday, January 3, 2008

#2 of 7 random things (though I do seem to have lost track)

2. I am addicted to salt. I really like coarse kosher salt right now. The amount of salt I use seems to bother other people. I don't know why. But they are forever commenting on it.When I was a small child I used to make a little mountain of salt on my plate and dip food into it before I ate it. I don't do THAT anymore. Bob has joked over the years that he should get me a salt necklace so I will always have some on me, because of the numerous occasions, when out and about, when we have had food and no salt (a situation I never take well to). This summer I did take to, taking salt with me in my purse. This is really helpful for me at the shore and other moist places, where if you want any volume of salt you have to unscrew the lid to get it, which I have done, but which seems very um...unsophisticated (to put it nicely).. The thing is, except for fruit (which by the way I don't put salt on) raw peas, and raw carrots, I don't actually like the way food tastes as is. I am very into condiments, and pasta sauces, and dairy products to make food taste better. (and of course salt)


kyklops said...

I could easily live without sugar, but salt? Never!
A little salt on an apple tastes interesting, by the way.

Taffiny said...


No no no, don't encourage me!
Fruit is the one safe haven from my salt fetish.
(though I do put it on stuff like apple pie)