Friday, January 25, 2008

just found an odd bit of faded paper

in my desk drawer (while I was searching for a kneaded eraser, which I did not find)
it seems to be a bit of a pep-talk for writing
as like my garden plants, my writing seems buried and still, tucked down below the surface of cold winter, I thought I might offer these words up to myself, like a heat lamp, see if I can get anything to grow.

someone is waiting
feeling shattered
they need new eyes
for seeing
for healing
for feeling
that can touch


make the
little delicate creature
with wings
so she can give
strength to

(this may seem bold, but at any rate. I am waiting)


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Waiting is good. One needs to respect the rhythms of writing and the flow of words. Some days they pour out, some days they rests - then it sneaks up behind you and the words overwhelm you again.

Taffiny said...


Wrote a bit yesterday while trying to do other things, which was nice, to have it come to me, ferret me out.