Thursday, January 17, 2008

The ever kind Vesper
has generously given me another award.
I am very grateful for the friendship she has given me.

Here are my tags, (most links at right of blog, under the duck)

Paul, The struggling Writer
Amy. Medviews
Maht, The Moon Topples
Akasha, Or

Since I didn't tag anyone for A Roar for powerful words, here are 5 more names, but I believe all already have both roar, and friendship, if not, please take one, if so, consider yourself even more roary and friendy.

Vesper, chick with a Quill (you didn't say no tag backs)
Minx, The Minx
Vanilla, Absolute Vanilla
David, Witnessing am I,
Sognatrice, bleeding espresso

(I'll be back later to fill in urls. At present I must be off)


Akasha Savage said...

Thanks taffiny for putting me on your tags list ;)

Paul said...

Oh man, I didn't see this yet. Thank you so much. You are a good bloggy friend as well!

Paul (strugglingwriter)

Taffiny said...


You are most welcome.


Thanks :)

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Aw, thank you, Taff, you're a sweetie.

Taffiny said...



kyklops said...

Ack! I've been really slack about visiting other peoples' blogs lately, so I'm just seeing this now. Sorry! And thanks for considering me a friend. I'll try not to make you regret it! ;-)

Taffiny said...


No prob, me too.

In fact I do believe (oh alright, I know) it was my responsibility to go to your blog (and the other peeps as well) and tell you (and them), I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I admit it, so I am not the bestest, not a super duper friend. (what is a duper? Or does it just rhyme with super?). But we are both safe, as there are no reward take backs.