Wednesday, January 16, 2008


there is this almost unbearable beauty

snow is falling, I am driving
radio plays a song made of music boxes and chimes
and the sound seems to come from the snowflakes
whirling, and floating, across my windshield
whirling, and floating through the sky
releasing this music into the air
into me
a magic suspended in the moment

Some beauty inherent in watching snowflakes land in a puddle alongside the road.
The snowflakes disappear, melting in, but do not evaporate, they are joining, gathered.

I see the weathered barn of red, backed by purple grey clouds, giants in the sky.
The barn's windows catch the light as I drive by, each little pane shimmers, flashes.

The telephone wires, bands of light (of white gold) gilding the countryside.

The water in the pond is thick and cold, at one end the top is frozen, the ducks glide.
Part of me coalesces. Trying to gather the meaning written in this visual scene.
A poem spoken directly to my soul.
The words, the meanings, my mind can not yet hold.

Vibrant arches of red thorn bushes, woven in the white bronze thicket.

Every tree a perfect sculpture of earth, of sky, of water, of time.

The top half of the white birch, illuminated by sunlight, one note held long and clear, I lean in, to hear.

An old house, windows gone, layers taken off, peeled back, only the underlying structure remains.
All is exposed and open.
Are the hands working upon it, tearing it down, or rebuilding it?
It stands there bare in its beauty.
I am witness to its being,
upon this moment in time.

And I wonder again, if I play any sort of song for them?
A woman driving by in a car; do they hear me?
Do I reflect anything, that can have meaning, or beauty, that can touch them?
Am I any kind of a poem, to a tree?


Paul said...

Very lovely writing here. I really enjoyed it.

I'm in the mood for snow at the moment. Supposedly we may be getting some this weekend.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. :)

I'm never in the mood for shoveling the driveway, but since it is cold anyway, I would certainly enjoy the beauty of snow. Also Cheese really wants a snowday, or at least a delay, so "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Vesper said...

Yes, there exists unbearable beauty...

Your words are very beautiful.

There's a little something for you at my blog. :-)

Mediterranean Views said...

Taffiny, I love this, so full of beauty and emotion. The photo is wonderful... my weaknesses are sunrises and sunsets.
My husband and I were talking about happiness today and what makes it. He said just noticing and appreciating the small things in our lives, we often take for granted, that once focused on, we realize they are all part of our overall happiness and well being. Your poem expemplifies that to perfection.
Hugs, Amy

Anonymous said...

Lovely outlook here, optimistic and immensely poetic. A poem to the trees, the snow, the house, to yourself.

Individually and, perhaps, all of you, at that moment. Perfectly formed to be, just as you are.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

That is absolutely beautiful - and so thought provoking too.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. :)


Yeah, it surprises me how something I didn't notice yesterday, will strike me with its beauty today.
I agee, especially with families, happiness feels like a moment, a flow, a harmony, in a small piece of time shared together, it can happen during some exciting event, but more likely is found tucked into the day to day.


Thank you.
I like that, sort of like, in that precise moment, I become part of their poerty, as I witness it.


Mucho gracious (sp?). Thank you for your generous words.