Saturday, January 5, 2008

#5 of 7 random things

Ritual Chapstick

Chapstick and I have been chummy since I was 14, when I found I had trouble sleeping without any.

I also wear lisptick during the day, but chapstick is my true mainstay.

Over the years I have developed specific flavors/scents for specific times.

Softlips Vanilla, is for sleeping. I've kept her on my nightstand for several years now. One has to be careful in the middle of the night though, as she is very fond of rolling away onto the floor. I find the scent calming and delicate, it reminds me of good things, a scent to bring sweet dreams.

Lip Smacker Pink Lemonade, is for wearing while exercising. I have been wearing her thus for 10 years. I keep her in the front part of my make-up drawer in the bathroom. The scent is happy, cheerful and awake, so I feel it should help me get moving.

Lip Smacker Jell-O Grape is for general day wearing. I found her this summer. I lose her all the time though, as she bounces around from drawer, to make-up bag, tp purse. I have two or three of them, but am always searching. The scent is reminiscent of grape kool-aid and popsicles, a bit of childhood summer on my lips, and this one actually tastes sweet. When I put it on in the car, I invariably hear "What is that? What you got there? What are you eating?" from Cheese in the backseat. He is always disappointed to find, it is just chapstick.

ChapStick Peppermint is for writing, not blogs, emails, or letters, but for rough drafts, my attempts at novel writing. I started with this summer of 06. I keep her with my writing stuff, on the desk in my studio, or on the coffee table in the formal living room (which is where I mostly write, despite Bob's protests). Peppermint scent is supposed to both soothe (help with headaches), and stimulate, I find it to be a good writing scent.

I like ritual. I like having scents to help cue me into certain actions and activities.
There are other chapstick flavors about my house, back-ups, that just didn't make the cut. The sents and flavors were just so-so and not right for ritual. I'm ever on the look-out, for new scents and flavors that I can use. Like maybe find a blogging scent, or a cleaning one, or book reading one, or one for gardening.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Ah, it is good that Vanilla reminds you of good things and brings you sweet dreams! ;-)

Taffiny said...


Vesper said...

What nice descriptions of flavours! I like that! I should try peppermint... :-)

Akasha Savage said...

My daughter also has a chapstick for every occasion, and woe be tide me if I so much as look at them. I myself have one boring Nivea lip doesn't really taste of anything... :D

Paul said...

My wife is addicted to chapstick. Can't go anywhere without it. I suppose I have been known to use chapstick from time to time, but don't tell any of my guy friends. I'll be shunned for sure :)

Taffiny said...


:) Indeed go for the peppermint.


A chapstick for every occasion, that about sums it up, nice to know (or a bit concerning) that I have such in-common with a much younger generation.


Glad to know I have grown-up company.

Oh and don't be silly, I'm sure they wouldn't shun you for just using chapstick, now if you start having preferences for certain flavors at certain times...teaching chapstick, hockey chapstick, Saturday night chapstick, Sunday morning chapstick, going on about lime jell-o, cherry berry, reeses, dr. pepper, and of course wearing vanilla at night for sweet dreams, well then they really wouldn't have much of a choice, but to tease you.

Besides I thought "real men" did/do wear chapstick, it is just use of lip gloss that causes people to raise their eyebrows.

Akasha Savage said...

You're in good company with my daughter...she's a very grown-up fourteen year old. Fashion conscious as they come.

Taffiny said...


Look at me, I'm finally trendy!

My son is soooo into vitamin water right now, it is the hip cool thing to drink at his middle school. I think this is funny, but a heck of a lot better than what could be the trend.