Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jane of my heart

The Complete Jane Austen

I'm so excited, this Sunday 1/13 kicks off The Complete Jane Austen on PBS.
It starts with Persuasion !! :)
And I've never seen a film version of Northanger Abbey before.
Becoming Jane is not part of the line-up, (that is the one book here I have yet to read), but I put the book in to represent
Miss Austen Regrets, a new biopic, which will be part of the line-up.

Generally speaking movie versions of books tend to disappoint me a little, as they are never the same as the book (I take any alterations a bit personally, and get offended), and also movies never FEEL the same way, the reading of a book does (I tend to watch movies, and live books). But still I can't wait to see these. And every now and then, I do find a movie version of a book that I fall in love with. At any rate I should be able to enjoy these movies in their own right, as different versions of stories I am already so fond of. A little book of matches, lit one after the other, to warm my cold winter self.


Paul said...

Did you know you can read many of Jane Austen's works for free online at Project Gutenberg?

Paul (strugglingwriter)

Taffiny said...


No, I did not. Thank you for the info. I will seek others there.

But I like holding her works in my hands, and walking about with them pressed up to my chest (should I say heart?). That is how Emma got so tattered, she fell in a water feature at a miniature golf course, went through a bit of rapids and under a tunnel of sorts, before we could take our clubs and fish her out. I like that though, looking at the book always reminds me of that shore vacation.

Paul said...

Taffiny - I hear what you're saying. Having a print copy is preferable.

However, you can't beat free!

Taffiny said...

You are right, being intangible, you can't really give free a beating.
And I also agree that the tangible effect of free on one's wallet is a good thing.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I loved the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - I don't feel the later movie adaptation with Kiera Knightley was nearly as good. I think, by now, I've seen all the Jane Austen "movies" - and I've enjoyed them all - though some more than others. Enjoy the PBS season!

Minx said...

There seems to be a glut of Austen TV series and films at the moment. I don't think that anyone does it better than the BBC. Lovely for a winters afternoon!

Taffiny said...


The one with Colin Firth as Darcy is still my fav.
Saw Persuasion last night, it was nice but seemed to race by.

Oh you're back. :) Glad your connection is connecting again.
I wish they were on in the afternoon, 9-11PM is too late on Sunday. One might expect bags under ones eyes Monday morning, if one went out partying, but PBS should encourage a 10 o'clock bedtime.

Vesper said...

As Vanilla and Minx said, all BBC adaptations are very good. I hope that's what they're showing. Happy watching!

Taffiny said...


They are all new adaptions, except for Emma, and Pride and Prejudice.

I am not sure if I have seen many (any? I can't recall who made the versions I have seen) of the BBC versions, but now I will surely look for them.

bleeding espresso said...

I *love* Jane Austen! My mom just found a three book set that I had packed away at home and sent it as a surprise. *So* happy to have them with me again :)