Thursday, January 3, 2008


I missed my own 1 yr blogiversary!

It was December 29th. Well I am always running a little behind, if I am lucky, and big behind, if I am not.
I was quite uncertain when I began.
What the heck is this?
What am I doing?
Why am I doing it?
I first looked into myspace, but it didn't seem to be any place, for me to have a space. It seemed to be all about popularity, and pictures of oneself (I am not saying it is, I am saying that was my impression).
I was looking for a writing space, a place for words, and looking for a group of people who also have writing aspirations.
So I ventured out onto the blogosphere, word by word.
I was alone for a long time, not visiting anyone, and not visited.
I looked around but couldn't seem to find other blogs with writing ambitions, so I mostly just kept to myself.
But then one day I happened upon GoodThomas, now Witnessingami. And it was like walking into a sunny room, and I could look out onto other views, and find other rooms to walk into from there.

I still don't venture out too far, I don't make a lot of stops, I am like a homing pigeon, with a particular pattern of flight, but that circle of flight takes me to another place in PA, to Chicago, other points USA, to Canada, and to Italy, and Spain, and South America, and England, and Scotland, cetera. I am very grateful for the company. For the words, voices, ideas, and the points of view.

While my blog still functions mostly as my morning pages, I do hope it is somewhat readable, and now I try to include photos so it is more visually friendly.

This blog has done some of what I had hoped, found me a community of others who wish to write (and even some published writers), gotten me used to writing every day, given me a place to set things down that seem to be wandering and wondering about my mind. And has done some things I hadn't expected, showing me other places in the world, giving me insights into other people, and writers, who sometimes make me sad, frequently make me laugh, and almost always make me smile.

Sometimes we are silly, sometimes serious, there is stuff to think over, and stuff to just enjoy, and there is normal just day in and day out being alive stuff too. I have liked seeing the different styles. Mine is mostly day to day stuff, whatever comes, gets set down. But others have creative writing blogs, with poetry, and passages. Some of you are witty, some funny, some creative. (well most of you are those things).

I hope I am learning from you, about blogging, about writing, about being, seeing different styles, and ways of doing.

I am encouraged by you, to keep walking forward on my manuscript writing path (I am more of a meanderer than a runner, but still I am taking steps ahead), and I am very happy to have joined the blogoshere.


Paul said...

Congrats on the blogversary. I'm glad you are out there and stop by my place from time to time. :)

Taffiny said...




Minx said...

Happy belated Blogday! Mine also started out as a kind of Morning Pages - sort of develops though, doesn't it?

Taffiny said...

Yep, like everything else, sort of gets away from ya.


Vesper said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Keep writing! You're good at it!

witnessing am i said...

Happy anniversary to you, Ms Taffiny. I am glad you found a community in which you feel comfortable and I am glad that community found you.

Now, get back to writing, will you?

Taffiny said...


Thank you dear Vesper. :)


Thank you David, you are a good encourager, um...yeah, spent too much time today not working on the "real" writing.