Wednesday, January 23, 2008

watched nasty little show (accidently, was on a channel between two other shows I was going back and forth to), about The End of The World, indicating it would be um..about 5 years from now, based on some ancient prophecy type stuff. I hate these sort of fear mongering things, so am quite mad at myself for watching it, but when I started I didn't know where it was going, and it was the history channel after-all. Anyway it left me with an uneasy sort of feeling which I am still in the process of shaking off.

The show did make me wonder though. What would I do if I, and we, only had 5 years left to live? I found this one unsettling in a new way. What would you do if you only had 5 years left to live, knowing the world, family and friends, would still live on, is a quite a different scenario/question in my mind, than this one. There are ideas of leaving a legacy, of trying to do some good for the world, or for your family, before you go. A painting, a book, a garden, experiences, love, something to give, to leave, to those who go on without you. Giving everything a great big long hug before you sail off alone away from it. But if we all go? (and if the earth itself is no longer that which it is now, earthquakes, floods, yada yada). This view gives a different weight to each activity, to each moment, knowing there is no future. Making each moment more meaningful, and yet extending meaninglessness to so much. I know I wouldn't spend one more second exercising, or thinking that I should. I would harass myself about things that don't really even matter, a lot less (maybe even not at all). Would there be a mad dash to gather-in new experiences? I don't know, I would definitely try to go to some clear blue beach water. But would I embark on world travel? When I ask, my mind fills with small moments, with my husband and son. Would we explore? Would we stay close to home? What would we do, and how would we be in the world, and with each other?

I know I would still plant flowers. I think I would probably still read books, and watch TV. Paint? Probably. Definitely try to eat more better tasting food. I think I would try to hold each moment closer, and try to see everything contained in it. Each sound, every sight, feeling, touch, taste, scent.

I don't know, how would we gather in our lifetimes to that set period.

Since I am still wondering. Do you know? Do you know how you would spend that time, if that was the deal, 5 years for whole planet then gone?

best not to consider the scenario of everybody knowing, because then I fear, grocery stores, airlines, gas stations, etc. wouldn't be running anymore (would people still go to work?) and that would be a whole different thing, bringing the world to a stand still much sooner. Let's just say that you know, and your loved ones do too. Then, how do you proceed?

I doubt I would bother saying sorry over little smudgey blurry flower photo, but as I do expect world to go on.
Sorry for blurry smudgey flower photo.


Vesper said...

December 2012, the Mayan calendar, yes...
I am forever skeptical, but if such "end" were indeed to occur wouldn't our knowledge of it suddenly take away all the pressures that life puts on us?
It would be rather sad thinking of our children whose futures would be cancelled, but otherwise it could be interesting...

Paul said...

I'm not sure. I imagine I'd quit my job and empty out my retirement fund (no use for that). I would try to cram as much into those last 1825 days as I could.

I imagine that last year would not be much fun, though, as EVERYONE would probably be freaking out (imagine 9/11 times one million percent).

Also, how much would it stink to die a few days before the end of the world or something?

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Yes, I've been hearing about this too - but my view is this - I try to live in the moment as it is, so I guess I'd just carry on doing what I do. There is a view that says there is only now - the past is gone, the future never comes - there is only, ever Now. As such, make the most of Now and don't worry about "before" and "after".

I think "news" or prophecies like this provide one with the opportunity to heighten one's consciousness and view things from a very different perspective - and that makes it both exciting and mundane - but what it doesn't do is make it scary. Fear is generally a figment of the mind and only a small part of the who and what we are, given that we are connected to things far greater than we can even currently conceive.

Does that sound a bit flakey? :-)

Taffiny said...


I think it would take away a lot of personal pressures.
(all my physical ones would go out the window. Who would waste their time, and days getting cosmetic surgery?).

It would be very sad, the missed futures, especially of our children, I look forward to so many different periods of time together, and also for just him (for him to have those experiences).

I would spend time worrying about when and how the end would go down, and being sad about it, but a lot of other day to day worries would be gone. And the idea of each day being a gift would surely be felt. As you say..could be interesting.


Crammed with what?

That is why I said everyone can't know, if everyone knows, there could be utter chaos. mucho bado.

Odd bit of sense of humour tucked in there. I hadn't thought of that. (depends though how you die, and how you would die if you made it to that last day. In your sleep is always better than on fire)


That is a good way to view it, to live, I try to, but so far, I rarely succeed.

No not flakey.
But for me intellectually I still can't grasp it fully and take comfort in it, part of me believes that (knows that) but part of me is still so susceptible to fear, and time, to worry and uncertainty.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I don't think it's something that can be grasped with the intellect, Taff. In fact, I think the intellect has to be put aside in order to grasp it.

Taffiny said...

Oh I should do well in that case, I find I misplace my intellect all the time. :)