Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my mood, transient.
A small shell tumbling in the tide.
Water rushing forth toward shore, taking me with it,
then pulling back, receding ocean dragging me.
Over and over, carried by water, moving one way then the other
tossed up, then down, smashing against the sandy bottom, then pulled back up again.
An urge to ride the waves, fling myself upon the shore, anchored on land, feeling the dry heat of sun.
The pull to find the current that will carry me back lying still under the cool deep ocean.

a castle in the mist
a mood, a thought, reflected in the sand washed by sea and touched by sun,
where I am trying to be, what is calling to me,
an image that I lose sight of again and again, as I tumble uncertainly.


Amy said...

WOW! This post is great, I LOVE THE PHOTO, did you take it? And the poem is such a strong metaphor/analagy. WOW!
Impressed, Amy

Taffiny said...


Wow! Thanks! :)

I did take the photo, yesterday morning, it doesn't look nearly as good as it did in real life. Why do things always look blurry and farther away through the lens?
And it isn't actually a castle, but a huge Indian temple, which sits on a hill. It always makes me think of a castle though. I like the building, it takes on different shades of light through-out the day, and looks really cool when it is fully lit up at night (it isn't fully lit up very often though, because it is a bit too glowingly impressive)