Wednesday, January 2, 2008

it is

damn cold here

The cat is curled up in front of the heat vent, with the drapes all around him, making a cozy heat tent.
He is lying down now with head and tail tucked in, fully hidden in the drapes.
I have placed myself beside him so that my right shoulder picks up currents of hot air.
I think he is rather annoyed that I am intruding upon "his spot", as he keeps waging, and flipping his tail about.
Too bad for him, if he gets annoyed enough to leave, I'll place myself right infront of the vent.

I had intended to be on the treadmill at this point, then shower, then work on rough draft.
But it seems pretty rough just trying to stay awake. While Cheese and I were off, we stayed up late, and slept late, and now getting up a smidge after six seems truly cruel.

Cheese had a saying about him this morning, he said "You must take a chance, to have a chance.".
I like that.


Paul said...

Great picture. I had a rough time getting moving this morning as well.

I hope your writing went well today!

Taffiny said...


It amazes me how easily, how fast, I get so far off schedule.

Thanks, but NO, the writing didn't go well. But I did at least manage to make myself do some. I guess I added about 600 words, clunky, awkward, and bad (actually those were not among the words I added, that just describes them). I guess I will have to stick to the NaNo motto of just moving forward, and coming back later and trying to make it better then.

I feel yucky, like I don't know what the heck I am doing. I think that might be because, I don't know what the heck I am doing. :)

Akasha Savage said...

Sometimes, I feel that cats have got the best of it all. Happy New Year :)

Taffiny said...


Happy New Year!

If they live with good people, I think they really do.

He paid me back today by taking "my spot" when I got up to do some laundry.