Wednesday, September 26, 2007

painting post problems

I plan on adding to my schedule painting Fridays. Wont effect posts, just I think I will work on painting on Fridays. (there was a typo it said paining....gee I hope not, paining Fridays sounds like a bad thing)

To encourage this, I will put my current unfinished painting up. And most likely add a row of unfinished pieces. So I can see how much work I have left undone, abandoned projects and pieces (of me). (may include unfini stories as well)

Trouble is the photos are blurry, both color and detials are lost. This is an older unfinished painting, from the abandoned children's book idea, Ghost.
My current unfinished painting looks really washed out and blurry.
oh, and blogger still wont let me post any photos as an added page element.


Vesper said...

Your painting is beautiful, Taff, wow! I had no idea you had such a talent! Why have you abandoned the children's book idea?!

Taffiny said...

Oh, I don't know. Overwhelmed easily.
Some ideas, I knew and liked, lots I didn't know.
Felt very unsure, insecure.
I couldn't even finish this one painting.
Specific wildlife questions, bummed me out at the time, the tiger is from Bali, (they died out, so the Ghost title has two meanings.), it was hard for me to find what exact flora and fauna were there, which I needed both for painting and for story.
I still run into this problem, like with the Japan story now.
I still hope one day, someday, I will at least finish such a project. So I have completely abandoned the idea of ever trying.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Wow... that's so good! LOVE that!

Doesn't matter if it comes across blurry, we can still see it, and it still looks good; which means that the true quality of it must be awesome when it's not skewed.

Thanks for putting it up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Taffiny said...

Thanks Scarlett, that is super kind.

My style does have a natural lost and found quality to it, but in real life, it comes together better than in photos. I did paint (not on Fri. but Sat), somewhat botched up current painting, but it was necessary because I was stuck, being too carefull, and now well, no need, might as well keep tumbling forward and see if I can fix it. So I am oddly not unhappy about the fact that I don't like what I did. (hopefully I can drag that attitude over to my writing)

Thanks for coming by and commenting.