Tuesday, September 11, 2007


no not the musical, unless you insist
yes, I know it looks like it could use a trim, all thin and straggly on the ends, but sadly it will still look that way, no matter how many inches I take off.
No this post isn't about that, or about how incredibly bushy and frizzy my hair gets at the shore.
No, this post is about, GREY HAIR!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

I need help
First off let me say that we grey early in my family. We start at 16. (my 11 yr old son has already had his first grey hair). By nature we are a salt and peppery bunch. I pluck out my grey hair on top, have been doing that for years, I used to pluck it all over, but now there is so much grey in the under layers above my ears, that I fear I will be bald.
Which is essentially how my dear brother fixes this problem, he is shaved so close on the sides (with just a little more length center top), people always assume he is in the military.
Color the color
I tried one of those rinses ( a year ago) and it washed right out of my hair, didn't hold at all.
I once used a permanent dye, it dyed all my brown hair, a solid dark color, and didn't change the grey at all, so then the grey really stood out. (also I am afraid of dyes because my hair is so coarse and frizzy)
I guess I am still okay plucking the top layer out for now, but I still am concerned I shall have bald patches soon.
That is all, just sharing hair fun.
(but if you know of a solution, non-military or Britney, please do share)

by the bye,
I rotated that top picture. I don't know why it turned itself back.


Vesper said...

Your hair looks beautiful, why complain?
Your greys seem to be "stubborn". You have to try other dyes, permanent ones, there are some that pretend to offer 100% grey coverage.

Taffiny said...

Thanks, I choose a good hair day for the post. (you shouldn't see it now)
Sooner, or later, I know I will have to try to dye it again.
The grey hair is crazy though, wiry, and very independent minded, I don't think I will be able to tamp it down, or color it. At least for now I can still pull (a lot of) it out.