Friday, September 7, 2007

goodbye to summer

now I'm falling in to fall
no, I wasn't dreaming
wasn't sleeping

the world is turning
I am turning too

I feel the pull
the urge to dive


Minx said...

No, no, no. I am still trying to think happy, flowery, summery thoughts. Please don't remind me that I will soon have to buy boots (buy boots, hmmm, how long till winter?)

Vesper said...

There will always be another summer...
Don't dive, Taffiny. :-)

Taffiny said...

Oh, my bad, I didn't mean dive in a bad way, I meant I hear other things calling to me, and my time, and the urge to dive in to new (or revisist old) activities.

To not be penisve waiting, but to leap, forward, falling into fall. (but landing softly, or not landing at all)( the act of being about to leap, on tippy toes)

Taffiny said...

The corn has already turned, from giant stalks of green to fields of gold. (really it seems to soon)

Of course you need boots!

I have heard that every woman must have one pair of red shoes. I do not.
I am wondering, do you own a pair of red boots?
It occurred to me that such a minx might.

Vesper said...

I have a pair of red boots! :-)

witnessing am i said...

I am very late in reading this but I really love this. Really love this.

Taffiny said...

Well Vesper I had no idea.
Where does one go in one's red boots, and what does one do?
I could easily enough see myself tramping through puddles in a pair of red galoshes, or mucking about the dirt in red gardening shoes.
But red go-gos and the like, out in the world. Such feet step boldly. (ah the spirit that moves those feet)

Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you, ever so much. I'll take that little star and put it in my pocket.
It felt odd to leave it hanging, unrhyming at the end, but it wouldn't take to anything I tried to put there. (it liked hanging).