Tuesday, September 25, 2007

certainly not getting the hang of that manuscipt tracker thing. It looks full rather than empty. Just went to the Moon, is empty, background color is problem, and his stolen word count numbers. Must tinker and tweak.

Oh jolly, I've got 37 pages to type in from notebook, and that doesn't include the little notebook, or the several pages for Fresh Oranges. I type ever so slowly, better start. Horrid procrastinator I.
Need timeline, pressure.
Hate pressure, but without it, well, who knows how much ivy I might plant and buy.
I mean buy and plant.
typing in is odd, sometimes I feel so calm, so relaxed, it is like meditation,
other times I feel agitated, anxious, upset, going to jump out of my skin


Vesper said...

Seems like you've reached some important moment of resolution. I'm happy for you! Go on, Taffiny, fight! I'm saying this to myself too... :-)
What is this "manuscript tracker" thingie? I've seen it on many people's blogs. Where did you get it?

Taffiny said...

I harassed Maht/Moon Topples into giving me the...whatever it is called, calculations? Because I saw it on his site and thought it was cool. You just change title name, and some of the numbers to reflect your own, and the colors if you know how (so far I don't).

Bit depressing now, as it seems to read 0 words, but I'm trying to use it to motivate myself.

If you want you can harass him yourself, of I can forward you the email he sent me. (let me know)

Vesper said...

Yes, please, if you could send it to me it would be nice. I don't work on any novel right now - only short stories - but maybe I can make it work, for you too.
Thank you! :-)