Friday, September 28, 2007

stupid me, stupid computer

wasted time. Lots of time. Lots of lost. Making folders filed with photos to burn to disk, then deleted originals BEFORE I burned them to disk, because I assumed "well they are stored in the folder files I just made". So now, the items wont burn says "can't burn, can't find original". And I am ever so unhappy.

oh, and Bob is back was away on vacation all week in San Diego. So Cheese and I must get ready to leave the house. (Cheese has off from school).


Vesper said...

I'm very sorry, Taffiny, for the mishap. I know the feeling. Tomorrow will be a sunnier day...

The Moon Topples said...

I live in terror of just the scenario you have described, which is probably why I tend to not throw things away unless my hard drive is bursting with files. Hope you can recover them from the source.

Also, nice to see the progress meter working (sort of, at the moment, it appears to be completely full of teal despite the actual count being around a quarter). Glad you're making use of it and I hope it's a motivator rather than a stressor.

Taffiny said...

Vesper-(and Moon) Most of it is still on video, but it was from different tapes thtough-out the summer, that I had taken many stills from, so it isn't truly lost, I just shall not be refinding it.

Vesper-It is sunny outside. (much sunnier inside as well).

Moon- teal? No true progress made here. I tend to move sideways.