Saturday, September 15, 2007

a broken circle

broken circles,
our wedding rings.
We went to the jeweler, Bob dropped his ring off there, mine is in my purse in a small white envelope.
Bob's ring sliced itself apart, severed in a clean thin line. It will be put back together and returned to him.
Mine I had them cut off me, poison oak is swelling my fingers, and it was so tight, and binding I was in pain.
It is odd that neither one of us is wearing our wedding ring today, that they wont be on us for several days (at the very least).
We both have white bands now, from tan lines, in place of our rings, I suppose we look like cheaters, who have taken our rings off for the day. I think it is odd that it would happen like that, both of our rings off at the same time. Bob has taken his off from time to time, while cooking, working in the yard, painting, but I haven't, mine has always been on me.
The symbolism of his ring breaking itself apart bothers me.
A severed circle.
Without mine on, I thought I would feel comfortable and free, but my finger still hurts, still itches and is swollen, and the callous below it, from having the ring dig into my hand while I do yard work, still hurts too.


Minx said...

I wear 14 rings and no wedding ring. I am naked without them!

Taffiny said...

14! I am awful with jewelry, I like it, pretty baubles, but they often seem to jangle, tangle, strangle.
I keep trying to wear a watch but can't bear it. Like some hideous beastie is attacking my wrist.

What nice pretty things (I am sure) you keep upon you.

I think toe rings look so cool, but I have yet to manage to wear one.

These 14 rings, are they always the same or do they change? Do you sleep in them???

No wedding ring, really? I used to wear mine on the wrong finger, lost weight since got married, and it drove Bob nuts, insisted I get it sized. I assured him, I knew I was married, but he didn't shut about it, till I did it.
The poison still itches.

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