Wednesday, May 23, 2007

unclear (on them, but clearly creeped)

been searching the web for info.

The caterpillars launched a counter-attack today, or so it seemed. About 100 on our deck and climbing up the sides of the house. They came, in what seemd like, never ending waves, (surely soon, they would run out; there could be no more) (How many of them did God make?). I did kill them. Didn't like doing it, but considered it necessary.
Was it?
Is it?

I think they are Eastern Tent Caterpillars. They like my cherry trees, just as the internet said ( I cut their nests out of the two cherries I have. Yesterday). Most stuff I read (tonight), says the majority of their damage is visual, and unless it is year after year, doesn't hurt the trees. The reason I started killing them was, they hang out on my rose plants, and some of my other flowering plants, and I was, I am, afraid, they will eat the leaves and flowers off of those plants. If they are just going to be in their nests, and eat some cherry leaves, but not harm my trees, then I can let them be. But if they are going to eat the leaves, and flowers, off of many plants, and I risk losing those plants, then they need to go. (there were sites that listed rose, along with trees possibly infested. All sites said, they do eat leaves and flowers. And I didn't know if they meant, only on their host trees, or wherever they find leaves, and flowers)
Which one is it?

I feel all itchy, and creeped out. It was disgusting killing them, very visual, and very violent. I mean yes, I do kill, big hairy spiders, if they are in my house, because I am extremely afraid of them (actually it is best, if I can get someone else to kill them for me). Yes I have learned to kill the J. beetles, as they are very destructive. Oh and flies, and mosquitos. But as a general rule, I don't like to kill things. Except for the J. Beetles, I never kill insects outside. And many an insect is left be in my house (they die soon enough anyway. Which is good, each little body is packed with an emotional dilemma for me)

(right now) I feel uncomfortable on several levels.
I don't want to do that again tomorrow. Instead of going for a walk, my son and I played I-spy, as in I spy a caterpillar (he would) and then I would kill it. Then we would hose their bodies off the outside of our home. He was shocked (but also somewhat entertained in his horror), as I have always tried to instill in him a respect for life. I've never let him kill an outside insect (they belong there, their territory). And we often relocate insects we find in the house, to the outdoors.
And now I go and do this, and it's like a game no less.
Them in mass, creepy
me killing them, creepy

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