Tuesday, May 1, 2007


(oh great, now I feel I should have a picture ).

It seems there are usually only two ways to look at dandelions,
through a child's eyes, when they make lovely chain necklaces, and later turn all fluffy with seed, and carry your wishes off on the wind,= with joy.
or through an adults, the bane of one's existence, bringing feelings of petulence over the yard, as one attempts to eradicate, such a prolific foe. Our neighbors tell us, you need to prevent them before they start, a preemptive strike, that is how they all do it.= a plague

Driving today (had to get my car worked on), I couldn't help but notice, dandelions have sprung up everywhere (well okay, not EVERYWHERE, not on the roadway, or sidewalks, or in the supermarkets, but in all the grassy areas). It has been a gray day, the sun would try to peek through, but the clouds wanted to cover the entire sky (greedy). And the dandelions looked so happy. Where-ever they were looked like a joyful spot, like it was happier for having the intense yellow shimmering through its greenery. It decorated so merrily, all the green fields. I found myself quite suprised, to feel mirth at seeing them.

I wonder if this feeling will extend to my own yard?
Time will tell,
but for now, I feel they are too harshly maligned.

which I guess means there is a third way to view them, as one who enjoys very much seeing them, as long as they aren't in one's own yard.

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