Monday, May 28, 2007

play me

I haven't heard the hills singing,
not like before,
now it is just a short burst, a glimmer, washes over me, and then disappears.

When the leaves, first came out, on the trees, that struck me. I was shocked to find some tears in my eyes, to feel such joy, at the sight. I didn't realize I had missed them so. And I couldn't take it all in, looking everywhere, with eyes and heart, trying to take the whole, in.

Last week, a black crow, on a sunlit roof, of a red barn, blue sky, greenery. That struck me. Not imagery that is usually among my favorites, but something about it, the exact placement, the angle of the light, it was more than it was, there was a visual harmony, that contained, conveyed, some meaning. There was a perfection in it. I felt it humming.
Earlier this week,these two old people walking across a parking lot, using their shopping carts as walkers, a couple, they struck me, not with the visual harmony and beauty of the crow scene, but with emotional content.

When I see it-the colors-, the barn roof, the crow, or that old couple (he went on ahead, but turned back to make sure she was coming.) They seem to hold more, than their mere image would suggest, they seem to be filled with something.
The surface sparkles, it relfects light, but you feel the depth within, the deepness of the ocean. The interplay of being.
When I see this way
It is like certain chords are pressed inside me- strung-
and the vibrating hum, creates a feeling within me.
all around me are the notes
and they play me- or through me
they write the songs (are the writers of the songs)
They are playing, singing, being the songs they are
but what I see, what I notice
effects its sound (to me)
which chords are pressed (within)
like I am an instrument, the world/God, plays.
and that I play, by what I tune myself to (attune myself with)
I love the mere beauty that things possess
but I hold it dearer when I see and feel even more
whatever this other is
when I hear it, feel it sing
and my soul pitches to echo

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