Saturday, May 26, 2007

Opening up

What I like about writing. I think I know part of it, a scene, and I'm just going in to touch on one little thing, and it opens up, expands before me, revealing things, I didn't know were there. I like that, the unfolding, and the becoming larger.

And a moment later (seconds) it is like, it was always there, the story always went that way, this was always a part of it, not something new. Not something I just thought of, and added, but the way it always was. I just hadn't taken in the whole picture, my eyes focused on only one area, just part ( I hadn't looked right there before, or hadn't looked closely or carefully enough). And suddenly having noticed this one thing, and touched on it, so it expanded, I will see more, and notice other things, and touch on them, and more will open up, unfolding, and unfolding, opening, and opening. A whole picture. revealed, complete.

Did I say like? I love when that happens.

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