Saturday, April 28, 2007

the name is not the same

Okay, so I am tired of calling my husband, the husband, and my son, the son, on this blog,
it makes it seem like, their purpose/interest to me, is merely such designation. I would never remember names if I just made them up, and DH, and other abbreviations, feel more like initials, and don't invoke anything for me. So I have decided to use the names we chose for ourselves as animal crossing characters. Since we have used these as nicknames; I can easily remember them.

Bob= my husband

Cheese=my son


I shouldn't really refer to myself in the third person here, I have been trying not to, as I know others find it nutty, but the truth is that in my notebooks, I often have conversations with myself, as if one person to another. And this blog is my notebook replacer. This blog is a conversation I am having with myself.

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