Saturday, April 21, 2007

annoying people

So my Husband is going to get his oil changed this morning. I get up and get ready to go. He says "I thought I might take our son with me. Oh, you are coming too?" I say "yeah, I thought I would drive my car so you wouldn't have to sit there and wait" he says "yeah but your car needs to have an oil change too". I say "well would you like us to leave both cars there at once?". He doesn't like either idea. Then our son walks in the room and says "are we going to Mc D's?". The husband says "probably not, your mother is coming". So I realize there was this whole plan, I say" I don't care. Do what you want". And my Husband finally shares the plan with me. They will drop off the car, walk to Mc Donalds across the street, eat breakfast (it is 11 now though), and then get the car and come home. Then we will take both cars over, drop mine off, and take his out for the day. "Great, let's do that" I say. And off they go. (why didn't he just say this in the first place?). So I get my laptop, walk downstairs, get my pineapple, and watermelon (hello sugar), sit at the table (this makes the cat very annoyed and he keeps meowing at me with much tone. We are fighting over a patch of sunshine. I think there is room for two, he does not). So I sit down, and..the phone rings, I get up, it is my Husband, it is going to take hours to do the car, he wants me there in 15 minutes to pick them up. Ugh! while I have typed this 15 minutes has passed. I will be annoyed if I drop my breakfast and just go get them, but I feel all tense now and can't relax, knowing I should go get them. Just 15 minutes, aren't they going to chew the food? (oh cat just came back. See grumpy, there is enough sunshine for two) (by the by, he is on the floor, I am in a chair. It really wasn't the same exact space, he left purely on principal.)

Oh, well I gotta go

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