Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Am I afraid of my desk?

Why don't I work there? I am sitting here on the floor, leaning against the desk, macbook on my lap, the light is really bad here, day is fading, it is annoying, looking for something (my chair) to prop my notebook on, so it is easier to read and type stuff onto the computer. Why don't I just sit at my desk? Why do I have to sneak up on stuff, why can't I say this is what I am doing, and with purpose do it? All I know is, I'm not moving from here.
I didn't do my research today (spent time watching 360 and Oprah about the..well you know what about), nor did I begin the draft, though that is why I am sitting here now, but decided first I need to type up the last of my story notes. So I better stop doing this and go back to that, before the light coming from the window is all gone. Who knows how long it could take me to actually get up and turn on a light.

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