Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'll go to the library tomorrow instead

and see if I can find a book about it, I have to go anyway, and I am not enjoying my web quest for info. Many cover the same general stuff over and over, and the others want me to join a club, or to buy something, or at the very least to buy into something. An elimination diet sounds like such a drag, with so many possible culprits, sulfites, and food additives, etc., ugh. It all (the intolerances thing) sounds kind of made up to me (though the pain I am feeling does seem real) If only I hadn't been having problems since September, I wouldn't bother looking into it at all. And several family members do avoid certain foods, we have 3 lactose intolerant, and a bunch of onion avoiders, among other things. No one will say what happens to them though, how they know, I have asked. My Husband mentions ulcers (because September was stomach on fire), that really doesn't appeal to me (I don't want one). He is going to be out with me tomorrow and he is just going to have to deal with buying more pasta sauce and avocados (he whined when I mentioned it). And they are just going to have to tell me what they want me to make them for dinner, I have a feeling I'm going to be less motivated in the meal planning and prep areas. It always amazes me, how when they do not seem terribly fond of my cooking, whenever they are hungry, they still always walk over and stare at me, and say "what's for dinner?". At least they did eat last nights meal. Though my son was indignant when I made him try the lemon herb rice, he said "eww, it tastes awful" and I said " I know" and he said "you knew that, and you made me eat it anyway" and I said " I didn't make you eat it, I merely made you taste it". He felt this was not nice of me, eh, my husband ate it, and the unplated stuff in the fridge. I didn't tell him no one else was willing to.

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