Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for helping me with NaNoWriMo.

Thank you book buddies, Mathew, Paul, Bonnie, Sognatrice. Without the inspiration of your numbers, and your encouragment, and most of all, the sense of your company, I couldn't imagine having done this. I certainly wouldn't have gotten nearly as far.Thank you Matthew, keep that novel walking the trails till it reaches the summit, then walk it back down again. Thank you Paul, it didn't seem at all like you struggled with your writing, but like you had to struggle to find the time in your day to get to it. Thank You Bonnie, you like Paul, had me constantly lagging behind your numbers. It was great receiving your NaNo emails, boy did they help me. Sognatrice, your numbers in the beginning were also a carrot that got me to move my ___ along. You have done well with what you have written, and have been inspiring by how you juggle, and fit many different things into your days.

Maht, well Maht didn't stick with NaNo because of his play and all. I do miss his presence in the blogosphere and hope at some point he will be back. So he wasn't much of a NaNo buddy for me, but what he was, and what I am very grateful to him for is, he was the catalyst. I didn't know about NaNo till I read about it on his blog. And he made it sound interesting and like something I wanted to do. I hadn't heard about NaNo buddies till I read about them on his blog, and buddies turned out to be a very important part of NaNo. Also I wouldn't have been in contact with as many people if it wasn't for Maht's Phoctober posts and his linking, so I am very thankful to him for that.

To those of you non- NaNo-ers, who stopped by and wished me well, encourging me, my heart has much gratitude. Again, I could not imagine having done this without you. Thank you Witnessing. Thank you Vesper. Thank you Vanilla. Thank you Amy. And I believe Minx stopped by a few times too :) Today, I will add, Scarlett, and Gaye! Thank you. Oh and Debi, Dana , and JD, for stopping by too.

It would have been a much harder road without you, and I fear I would have sat down for a break a long time ago, and not gotten back up again. I have much gratitude to all of you.
While I still have a ways to go, I am grateful, and happy to have made it this far, and I thank you all.
I can't fully express or find the words to say what it has meant to me, but from the bottom of my heart, from the well of my spirit, I thank you for your words.


P.S Thank you to The Individual Voice, and Kyklops for commenting on my post about my half brother, you helped me.

By the bye,
I hope all of you who have the same dream of being a writer, (but haven't been able to make it a priority), find the time and space in your lives, to work on your own novels. I shall need lots of company, when I get to the rejected stage of this process, and would like you all there with me. Unless of course you all plan on never being rejected and know your novels will get published first time out, in that case, maybe you can wait awhile longer to finish yours, not forever (mind you, no no no), but maybe just a little bit longer. :)

Just skimmed back through time, it was a good trip, seeing when numbers like 465 words seemed a whole heck of a lot, such a struggle to finally reach 3,000 words, it helped me to see that yeah I have come pretty darn far. It is work, each step, but I can do it, I am doing it. I will keep doing it. (knock on wood)


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Good for you for sticking with it and seeing the whole month through!

I realised yesterday that this year is the first year in five or six that I've not completed a manuscript. But before I started pounding myself I also realised this year has been plagued by ill health, fighting to save the trees in my neighbourhood forest and doing some consulting. At least I have one manuscript that is in final edit stage and another one which is in progress. And who knows, if I really get stuck into it between now and the end of the year I might even finish it.

Yep, us writers do what we have to do - we write - because we can't help it :-)

Looking forward to reading all about the finished manuscript! xxx

Taffiny said...



Wow, you've written a manuscript each year for the past 5-6 , and you currently have one near the final edit stage, and antoher in progress (be proud not pounded),
I am so impressed!!

And inspired :)

Matthew said...

Your welcome and thank you for the inspiring words. Perhaps I need to do a trail novel:)

Paul said...

Thank you for all the comments on my blog.

I never expected to actually finish NaNoWriMo, so I figure the next best thing would be to help other writers get there.


Taffiny said...


You are welcome, get trekking! :)

I enjoyed visiting your blog.
You did NaNo and you inspired others.
Way to go!

Anonymous said...

This was a sweet post, though you need to thank yourself too.

Taffiny said...


Mmmm...I don't know. I'll thank me, if/when I finish the entire draft. (till then I am retaining my slacker status).