Tuesday, December 18, 2007

shh..I'm hunting Christmas trees

to the left

to the right


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Brilliant! What a lovely Christmassy photo journey! I'm glad you had a successful hunt!

Vesper said...

So this is your tree! Beautiful!

gayƩ said...

Wow, that's a big tree! Great photos. :)
I have never ever decorated a proper Christmas tree. I don't call the 25 centimeters high, lit up little trees as Christmas trees and a couple of ornaments hanging off as decoration.
So, it is lovely to see photos of fellow bloggers hunting trees and then decorating them.
Wonderful indeed!
Merry Christmas dear Taffiny, and a Very Happy New Year!
Sending lots of love. :)

Taffiny said...

So am I. My toes were frozen before we had found one. After a good hour of walking up and around the hill, we ended up taking a pre-cut tree. It would be great if next year we could manage to buy a live one and then plant it. ( they mulch the cut trees here, to use in planting beds)

:) Thank you. I couldn't really get a proper picture of it, camera refused to focus in the dark, and it doesn't look so magical in daylight. So I hope it is represented positively.


Thank you. A merry Christmas and very Happy New Year, to you too! :)