Sunday, December 2, 2007

I haven't been working on my writing for the past two days, and I doubt I will today either.
I have picked tomorrow, Monday, as the day to get back into the routine again.
I am still working out, just what that will mean, hours or words, and how many.

Yesterday I watched a romantic comedy of sorts, on TV, and found it good for my spirit. Smiled, laughed, felt happy.
I haven't seen anything at the movies (saw Harry this summer, and saw one movie last winter can't recall what it was) or rented anything in ages (since August), so that is my big plan for today. (well and a bit of cleaning)
To go to 48 hr video (where I can afford to rent something), and rent a chick movie.

This may not be as easy as it sounds, as the driveway is currently covered in snow, and lord knows, there is greater chance of the wind blowing it away, then in my picking up a shovel, and going into that cold to do it.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I think after all the intensity of NaNo, a day or two's time out watching movies is no bad thing - assuming that snow moves itself :-)

Taffiny said...


The snow wasn't slippery, Cheese and I tried skidding down the driveway (in our sneakers) to make sure.
I still haven't watched the movies I rented though, Hello Dolly was on TV, so I watched that. And then Bob came home and has been watching football.

I have been thinking a lot about the writing, which is good, feeling pulled to, rather than forced to. I hope I can still manage to feel that way after a couple of days of working on it.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Like you, Taff, I have been thinking about (but not writing) my novel. Vanilla is right, that taking a bit of time is the right thing for us to do now. I need to pick up the life I left behind on November 1st ... and, for example, need to do some much needed housework!

It's 38F here, at 8:35 a.m., with winds 15-25 mph. But we don't have snow in Chattanooga. You must live north of me. I love the photo of trees in this post. Thanks for sharing it.

Taffiny said...


You are welcome.

:) I am in PA.

The movies I rented were horrible! (apparently I am old and don't like the movies geered to today's youth)

Tomorrow I hope to accomplish a house and writing productive merge.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sorry to hear the rented movies didn't come up to scratch - funny how that seems to happen more and more often to me too - mostly now, I just go off and buy old favourites which I can watch over and over and over again!

Taffiny said...


That is what I am starting to think, because I do like movies, just not these movies.

Vesper said...

A romantic comedy can do wonders sometimes.
Lovely photo of trees and snow...

Taffiny said...


Thank you.

Yes, any to recommend?

gayƩ said...

What were the movies you watched and didn't like? And what was the one on TV that you watched the other day and liked it? Just asking to see if I have seen any of them and if I liked them or not. We could compare notes.
Niall likes horror, gore, suspense, thriller, dark movies. Rarely do I get to see a chick-flick (they call them that, and it doesn't offend me as I am a chick as well and I enjoy some of that). I am very non-PC heh.
On another note, taking a break a few days from writing can't be a bad thing, don't let that hang heavy on your mind. I think anything we enjoy doing stops being enjoyable when it becomes a "have to do".

Taffiny said...


Knocked up. I thought it would just be sort of silly, but I found it not at all funny, or even romantic comedy silly. The characters annoyed me, the situtations, the dialogue, just swearing to swear. ugh. I thought the last 5 minutes of the movie where nice.

The thing of it is, Bob gives me a hard time about spending money to rent movies, so they have to be worth the money, and aggravation I will have with Bob, and also worth my time. (When I was younger none of these things came into play, but now they do)

I am fine with fluff, when I am in a fluffy mood, I love fluff. I liked Music and Lyrics, and the holiday. I like many a Meg Ryan romantic comedy. The movie I did like on TV was Bend it Like Beckham. ( I have a long list on my profile page of movies I like). Also stuff like The Sound of Music, and Fiddler on the Roof, and cute old romantic movies.

The other movie, I rented was Marie Antoinette (sp?), and it was a pretty movie, not dumb, but I just wasn't involved, I wasn't interested. Though it did make me hungry for pastries. And I have downloaded, the song Fools Rush In, as I liked it on the soundtrack.

When I saw Pan's Labyrinth, I wasn't that into it either, but for some reason I decided to re-watch the beginning with the commentary on, and ended up watching the whole thing again, because with the commentary on, I found it was very engaging and interesting, something totally worth watching.

I miss the magic I used to feel when watching movies. That wonderful transport to realms other and wonderful, the swell of feeling, with the swell of music.

Oh and no, I can't handle horror at all. I can do aliens, but not creepy hatched guy, or evil. I am a 37 year old who is still afraid of the dark, and who makes sure the door at the end of the hall (which is connected to attic type crawl spaces) is shut every night before I go to sleep. (which is something the 11 year old, and Bob make fun of me for).

Bonnie Jacobs said...

East or west part of Pennsylvania? My ex-husband moved to Chattanooga from Uniontown, which is about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh. And I have a very close friend in Scranton.

Taffiny said...

East. Basically between Scranton and Philly.