Monday, December 17, 2007

no post too cold

a nice thick sheet of ice covers the snow

a nice thick sheet of ice covers the driveway

Bob and I dug my car out of the garage, now I am parked at bottom of drive.
I am not personally going to move my car up or down the driveway till this stuff melts.
I am busy whining.
ice bad
ice is good in drinks, and ice skating rinks.

Oh joy, now Ice Ice Baby is playing in my head.


Paul said...

"Oh joy, now Ice Ice Baby is playing in my head."

Argh! Now it's playing in my head! We have ice as well. I had to discard the usual snow shovel and use my coal shovel to cut through the ice.

Paul (

Vesper said...

Ice and snow - I know all about that... :-)
And Ice Ice Baby - hmmm, did I really want to hear it now in my head?! :-) :-) :-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, looks chilly! And slippery!

Taffiny said...


Yeah I found the shovel I use to dig 2 foot holes in the garden to work quite well. Only now I fear, I shall need a new shovel next spring. But the ability to leave the house was rather pressing.

How is coal heat? Warm one would assume. Economical?


Sure you did, "collaborate and listen" (are those the words?), beware too much of this ice business and I shall start making up my own words to that song, and posting them. So think warm, or at least snowy thoughts. :)
Cheese put on his snow gear, and slide around our yard on his stomach, looked like a misplaced inchworm.


Very much so. Many near misses were had by all. We are quite pleased to have not fallen, and broken anything. It is really pretty to look out at when you are inside, but the glare is a bit like looking directly into the sun.
Hope you are enjoying your warm weather.

Paul said...

Taffiny - I have a coal shovel, but no coal heat. I guess I'm odd. We have Natural Gas heat, which would be warm if it didn't just go flying out of our porous house the moment it came out of the furnace :) *sigh*

Taffiny said...

Now I can't help but wonder, why you have a coal shovel? Was it really pretty, or cool looking? Is it the work horse of shovels? Do you collect shovels? Did you inherit it?

Whenever I go over to the doors I feel this lovely rush of cold air, coming through.