Saturday, December 15, 2007

Minx requested that we try to write fairytales.
I have submitted my effort.
She has kindly put it up on The Little Minx with the others.
In case some of you, who have read my last post Nighttime fears, should happen to read Wolf Run,
I feel I should offer an explanation, as you are bound to find contrast.
Wolf Run is based on a dream I had, at least 12 years ago. This dream was a turning point in my dreaming life. Before I had it, I used to get chased in my dreams, all the time, running running running.
Now I don't, because of that dream, so I am very grateful that I had it.


Paul said...

I'm heading over there to read your story now.

Paul (strugglingwriter)

Taffiny said...

Oh, I didn't mean that you should, I meant just in case you do....

Paul said...

No problem. I really enjoy your writing and love fairy tales so the combination of the two is great.

Akasha Savage said...

I have just read Wolf Run. Well done...a great little tale.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. :)

Akasha Savage,

Thank you as well. :)

witnessing am i said...

What an incredible exercise Ms Minx has thought up and my hat is off to you to for emracing such a challenge. You seem to have embraced many writing challenges as of late -- and coming up smelling like roses in the end!!

Way to go, Taffiny. So, my sordid take on it, the wolf represents a drawing class professor . . .

Taffiny said...


Ahh roses.

Thank you.
I guess I have taken on some writing tasks as of late. I am still (slowly. slow motion slowly)) working on my rough draft.

Oh no. I hope not! No, actually I liked them all, characters that they were. (I think of them fondly)
I'm afraid my wolves have been with me a long long time. (but I guess so too, has that woman, who knows that I am not powerless).

Vesper said...

Good story, well paced, suspenseful. What a nightmarish situation! The use of present tense increases the tension.
There is one place where I would have liked to see more details and that's the scene where you meet the woman/beast. She leaves because you're meant to take her place, I suppose, but to me it feels a bit too hurried.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. Hmmm, I was cutting words away to make my 900 word cut-off, but I hadn't really thought about too many more words there, I had cut off just a few. I don't know, I'm thinking about it now. In the dream, she spoke to me through her eyes only, while she was part animal, I also knew she was part me. She was trying to show me by her actions, her boldness, I was meant to follow, to know that I could. To see her walk unafraid, uharmed. But I couldn't yet believe her, I had to be backed into a corner to find the part of her in me. (and being primal and all, she wasn't very chatty)

I will have to read it again, after several days pass, not as a retelling of a dream (which I realize was the limited way I was viewing it), but as a story in and of itself, maybe then I will see where and how I can expand upon, and develop it.

Thank you for your insights. :)