Monday, April 7, 2008

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Dreaming of flowers

(these aren't mine, I netted them on the net)

Wondering a bit lately

Saw Oprah's show about the man who is pregnant, although despite being legally a man (how does one become legally another gender?), to my mind, and to his genetics, he is a pregnant female, so while visually surprising, as he outwardly appears male, still biologically it isn't surprising.

So my mind isn't occupied with giving that part of the scenario much thought, what is, is his wife. She has grown children, so I imagine she might very well have been married before, and without knowing I am assuming her other husband was born male. (but obviously she could have gone a different route to having kids)

I just can't quite grasp the being with a woman who looks like a man thing. I would think if one was a lesbian one would want to be with femme females, but clearly that isn't always the case, but still usually one is with another female who despite her short haircut and clothing style, has all the female parts. But this woman is with someone who used to be female, but had her breasts removed, and took testosterone for years, so her clitorus enlraged (sort of like a small penis) and she grew facial hair, thus basically became a he. I freely admit I find this confusing. I think of Anne Heche, and Ellen, and know I am getting a bit hung up here on labels. The point is a person falls in love with another person, gender here is secondary. But still if my son were to turn out to be gay, but then came home with a man who had long blonde hair, soft lipsticked lips, full perky breasts, long shaved legs in a cute skirt, and looked more female than I do, it would surely confuse me, and I couldn't help but wonder why he just didn't go for a born female instead? Like why wasn't this woman just drawn to more effeminate men, more sensitive types? Why is there a greater attraction for her, to a female who outwardly changes to be male? Is there something I am missing here? Something inherent to gender, ( and thus to attraction) beyond outward appearances, and some sensiblities. So that even a born man who looked like her husband, and shared the same sort of personality traits, still would not be as attractive to her? Is that what I am not knowing? Or does that have nothing to do with it, and it is just people are drawn to and fall in love with other people, and for some people the other person's gender doesn't matter?

( to be clear, I am not pondering attraction to same sex individuals, but merely the attraction to same sex individuals who look like, and are even modified to be, the opposite sex.)
(I mean it is fine with me, and has nothing to do with me, it is just I am curious is all)

I am also pondering-

Is there only a set amount of water on the planet? As in it couldn't really rain forever, at least not everywhere every day, because there is this whole system with water as rain falling to the ground and then evaporating up into clouds, condensing, and falling again. If more ice melts there would be the possibility of more moisture in air, and thus more rain, but still the amount of planetary water would be the same (might change form, but not amount). If we lost the atmosphere then we could lose water to space, I assume (which I know one incredibly far away future day when the sun gets really hot will be reason for earth's people to relocate), but that isn't presently an issue. Tis silly I know, but I was wondering because it keeps raining here, so I wondered if it could just keep going on and on. But then I thought no, or at least not everywhere, because somewhere water would have to be evaporating from. Or are there hydrogen and oxygen just floating out there that can be joined...just got back from the web, there are but I think they come from water so it would still be a set amount,...or, well anyway it doesn't matter, tis over my head. I do think that it is interesting that they can make water now, with as little as 14% humidity. Would making water thus at all effect rainfall?

yada yada yada, and blah blah blah, I am supposed to be writing, not pondering.
I did add 1,000 words to my draft last week, now all I have to do is add, about 15,000 more words, and then try and figure out how to change the draft from merely being written, to being well written. And when I get to the point of trying to do that I will accept offers of spells, magical enchantments, chants and prayers to that end. Oh and I will accept knowledge, wisdom, and helpful advice too (for those of you that have stuff like that to offer)


Mediterranean Views said...

Interesting musings...have gone towards the first one myself, but never the second I must admit. But it is interesting how our thought process and imagination works in "enquiring minds that wanna' know" How can one who falls into the same weaknesses as you give you wise advice? We could try Nike's "Just Do It" Easier said than done.....Amy

Taffiny said...

OOpps I wrote except instead of accept, quite a different meaning from a same sounding word.


Thanks for reading and responding.

I hope it doesn't seem unseemly that I would wonder, or admit to wondering. I was a bit concerned that my words might seem offensive to someone in such a love relationship, I don't mean them to be offensive, I am just admitting a curiosity for something which I am not at all familiar with, but that I find interesting.

OOps family life, gotta go