Monday, April 21, 2008

I need to find the song for the music box in the story.
I hadn't really concerned myself with which song it might be, I thought I would save that for story draft #2, but then yesterday while looking up something else on itunes, I clicked on a non Elivis version of Burning Love, it was an instrumental that sounded very much like music box. And I closed my eyes, thinking of this song as the song played in the music box of the story, and it was sad and funny. And I thought, I need to find that song. The One. I can go with something that was always just instrumental or something that when you hear it, you know the words, and they play on inside your head accompanying the music.
It needs to be a love song. Though given to one character from another, I want it to work for all the main characters in the story. So I want both a husband and wife, parent and child, feel to it.

The box was given in 1970. (in Japan, but I don't think I will try to find a purely Japanese song for it, as I think that will be too hard to do.)

If any ideas, any classic such songs come to you, please do share.

I am off to research. To see what songs are in the category Music box.


JaneyV said...

Well Love Me Tender is a classic that can reflect any kind of love! I do love Elvis....

Also Sorry ! You've been tagged!

Taffiny said...


Oh dear, I don't know if I can play today, but soon I will stop by your way. :)

I was considering Love Me Tender.

I spent sooo much time yesterday doing that research, I got internet sick/headache, so I'm trying to avoid the net today.

I'm also looking into opera songs, and stuff from musicals, and disney movies.
I like Bambi's Love is a Song (that never ends).

I didn't have much luck with specifically looking up Japanese music boxes, though I did find that they were made there following WW2 and that there are music box museums, but I couldn't find actual songs, or anything.

Thanks again for the suggestion. :)

Vesper said...

It just happens that on Saturday I watched maybe half hour of the movie "Mrs. Potter" (unfortunately, that was all the time I had at the time). There was a music box in the movie and it played a song called "Let me show you how to dance." Her friend knew the words to this song, and he started singing them, and they danced to this song - it was a very romantic scene.