Thursday, April 10, 2008


myself sitting on a bench, ocean in front of me, flower gardens behind me, sunlight streaming all around through the warm air visited by a cooling breeze.

A notebook, a pen, a reading book, and my ipod scattered at my feet, for I am looking straight ahead.

Just being in this place, in this space, calm,

and then collecting myself for whatever journey lies ahead.

True the picture should be much bigger, and there should be flowers all around the hillside, peony, poppy, wiseria, rose....
but then again from where I am, to such a scene, there is much distance, and I must work at making the picture larger and more real if I hope to try and attempt squeezing myself into it.
So perhaps it is right that it is small,
I must bring to it,
a lot.


JK Salmon said...

This is a very beautiful post, that I just happened to come across by chance. I hope you manage to reach the place/space in the picture!

JaneyV said...

I agree totally with JKS - so beautiful. Reading your posts sometimes is like swimming in poetry. I'm right there with you on the bench looking at the sea, feeling that breeze. It's heaven!

Akasha Savage said...

Taffiny...what a lovely piece of writing.

Taffiny said...

JK Salmon,

Welcome, and thanks.

I was there, but just for a few brief moments,
I didn't hold the whole feeling,
but I was calmer afterward than I had been before.


Thanks! (what a beautiful, generous, thing for you to say)

It is a good place to be. (pleanty of room on the bench)

I don't meditate (or rather, I haven't) but I think I am going to do this (imagine being on this bench) regularly as an exercise to try and center and focus myself.


Thanks. :)

In the moment I was thinking if I could be anywhere in the world right now where would I like to be.