Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From St. Patick's day
here are two of Cheese's favorite pranks

When he came downstairs that morning he found the little bowl with the plastic orange fish was gone and in its place was this big bowl with a living blue (betta) fish. (admittedly the decorations in the tank need to be tweaked a bit so as to be more visually pleasing)

Cheese really liked the penguins in the fountain, he kept saying it was like an exhibit. (and wont let me remove them)

My favorite thing was the boucing balls (that look like eyeballs) that were in a plastic cup perched atop his bathroom door. Other years it was done with confetti, and that would be dumped down, but when these balls came down they bounced back up and all over the place, which is much much better. He did spy the cup and kept from triggering it for a while, but not knowing just what was in the cup I think his curiousity got the best of him. (He doesn't let me undo any of the pranks).

We both liked the ping pong balls in the mailbox. This worked because every day after school he likes to get the mail. I was surprised and disappointed that they didn't go bouncing all over but just spilled out onto the mailbox door. (except for one or two). But still it was totally unexpected and amused him.

One of the most successful things was the pot of gold. Usually there is hidden a pot with fake gold coins and chocolate coins in it, and a rainbow nearby as a clue. This year there was a rainbow bandana clearly hiding the pot, which was empty except for the words HA HA in it. When he went to eat breakfast, he found an unopened box of Lucky Charms (a rainbow is part of this box's packaging design), and inside the bag was also sealed, but when he poured it out, there were gold chocolate coins mixed in with the cereal, and under the bag in the box were the fake coins. He tototally couldn't figure out how this could have happened, and walked around for days talking about it. :)
(It took about a week till this scene was somewhat repeated, when he ran out of strawberry rice crispies and got another box down from the top of the pantry, and when he opened the unopened box it was filled with stale marshmallows, no cereal.)

There was lots of other stuff, like fake food, a fake person, bubble bath in the toilet tank so it bubbled when flushed, restroom sign on the closed door to a room (that was not the bathroom) and when you opened the door there was a line of stuffed animals waiting to use a little litter box where one stuffed dog was already busy using the facilities (by way of some fake rubber dog poop), little plastic gems in all his pants pockets, little marshmallows in all his socks, all his boy bathroom stuff was girl bathroom stuff, shower filled with green balloons. His sneaker laces were gone, and green pipe cleaners were doing the job instead. The car mirrors were filled with green shamrock clingy things. The white silk rose which is always in the car's flower holder had turned green. His alarm clock was replaced with a kitchen timer, and the house scale with a kitchen scale, and as always one of those little fuzzy (25 cent) bears was hidden somewhere. Yada yada yada, stuff I can't recall right now, but the wonderful thing is that he enjoyed all of it. Thank God!! Because less than a week later the Easter Bunny's efforts did not go over very well. (bummed bunny)


JaneyV said...

LOVE those pranks! What a fun thing to do and how DID you re-seal the cereal packet??

Gosh you've been busy I have loads to read!

strugglingwriter said...

That all is so great. You are such a fun Mom. I think he'll really remember this stuff fondly years from now.


Taffiny said...


Thanks :)

box opened from the bottom, bag seal opened less than an inch, and it re-stuck when pressed back together, box bottom crazy glued. (all very carefully done, with much holding of one's breath)


I am pleased you think so. I try. I hope someday Cheese will think so too, and that he will fondly remember this stuff, and realize why I did it.

Oh if only Cheese was a solid sleeper, and if only the siamese cat didn't follow Leprechauns and Santa around going "MEOW! MEOW!", how much easier it would all be.

Mediterranean Views said...

What Creativity! Lucky Cheese...lucky YOU! My daughter and I saw the brightest rainbow I think I've ever seen and planned how we might get out into the choppy sea to get the pot 'o gold.
That's as far out as I get...

Taffiny said...


( I did get some of the ideas off the internet., like ping pong balls, and bubbles in the toilet, et, cetera. Oh and the net said to switch the bags inside cereal boxes to confuse people in the morning, and from that idea, I came up with the gold hidden in a closed cereal box. Without the ideas of others to help lead me on to my own, I don't think I would ever have any ideas.)

I feel lucky that he and I have each other. :)

Oh that sounds like a great children's book, a mother and daughter go out in a boat, across the choppy sea, guided by the site of the most intense rainbow either of them have ever seen (that anyone anywhere has ever seen), trying to reach it, to see what they will find there together.
What wonderful planning the two of you must have had.