Thursday, April 17, 2008


My friends are coming back,
though they rise to greet the sun,
though the rise to touch the breeze,
though they rise to feel the rain,
though they rise because it is how they are made,
I can't help but feel
they rise to meet me.
As I bow down to greet them.

How happy I am to see them return.


(I will try to be back later with a photo of my rising plants. But everyone is home today, as Bob and Cheese both have off)


strugglingwriter said...

Very nice. Our flowers are thriving here in Central PA. Of course it's rained for two days straight now. Still, they look nice through the window :)

Taffiny said...


Hi. After raining nearly forever, we have had a stretch of some truly beautiful days. Friday and Saturday were perfect. (wish it could always be like that)

I hope the rain soon stops were you are, so you and yours can go outside and greet the flowers. (though peeking at them from the window is good too)

Vesper said...

What a happy hello!
And they do come out for you - aren't you the one who cares for them so lovingly? :-)