Tuesday, April 22, 2008

that's where they were.
I knew in late summer, early fall, when I matted and mulched, that there were tulips and daffys somewhere down there
I felt really bad, not remembering where, knowing the act of matting was potentially smothering them next spring.
But I hadn't known the summer would bring, bed expansion, with the ripping out of the dead juniper, and I hadn't known Bob would buy matting and mulch, so I hadn't kept track of my spring flowers, and by the time I was to matt and mulch, they were firmly tucked back into the ground leaving no trace of their place.
Today while looking for my third peony plant, I found these tulips, growing horizontally under the matting, I cut them free, releasing their delicate pale bodies to the light. I am sure they wont fair well this year, soon to be scortched by sun, but at least now they should grow well next year. I find something beautiful in their form, and how they grew anyway ever searching for a break in the matting.

These are what the tulips look like that I planted this fall and thus did not matt over. I am not a wretched horrid gardner, just sadly a bit of a forgetful one.

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