Monday, February 25, 2008


Bob and Cheese had fun in the snow this weekend.

I saw sunlight this morning, streaming through the fields, reflecting off short golden corn stalks, gleaming white in the rows between, and blue in the shadows.

Two mourning doves are courting on the swingset, sweetly foretelling spring.

I'm feeling better than I was, but not good.


Paul said...

I have to show this to my daughter. She loves snowmen and she loves cats. This would make her day. :)


Vesper said...

What a cute snowcat!!! I want one!

I hope you'll feel much better soon.

Taffiny said...



Sadly the rain has come today and washed his face away! But here on my blog post, whole he will stay.

It is cool that the blog post is now like an extension of the refrigerator art work thing. He is proud of his snowcat and of it's placement on my blog.

I hope your daughter likes it. It will please my son to know her interest.


Thank you, from my son.

Thanks! I hope so too. I no longer feel nauseous all the time, and I can tolerate smelling food now, and watch it being made on TV.

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