Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just got back from taking Cheese to school,
the only thing is...I still have Cheese with me.
We drove through dry clear roads.
When we reached the drop-off area, a boy, about 13 years old, came out, and said "there is a 2 hour delay". me- "Seriously? Why?" the boy shrugged his shoulders "I don't know but you are like the 7th car to come through".

Now that we are home, it is snowing, really snowing. So an hour from now either I drive my son to school through the snow, or school will be cancelled. I am so frustrated with myself for not checking for a delay, but as I said, the roads were clear, and usually you don't have to wonder if it is going to snow, newscasters are popping up, before, after, and during, other programs to tell you in a very hyped way that it is going to snow.

I am a bit concerned that I may in fact forget to take Cheese to school, because it is already off my mental check-list, since I have already done it. I asked him to remind him. He smiled broadly and has been rather quietly up in his room ever since. He is not at all frustrated about having to drive to school and then straight back home again, he is quite pleased with such good fortune. Indeed he who was dragging and sooo tired before, has a spring in his step and pep in his voice now.


Paul said...

A two hour delay would put the spring back in a kid's step :)

I did that once myself last year. I drove to work only to find out they had closed the University.

We weren't getting snow here today. Rather we were getting a snow/rain/sleet mix.

Vesper said...

No wonder! We were all like that! :-)
I wish I could still do it...

Taffiny said...


It switched over to straight rain. You should have seen the pep drain from his step, when he realized he would be going to school today after-all.


Yeah, it was cute. Sadly my attitude was not so great. I was very tired, and truly bummed that I had just missed a chance to sleep for another hour. I'll have to keep working on my attitude, I want to be a postive role model for my son, instead this morning I was a whiney one.