Tuesday, February 19, 2008

changes of light

sunset last night, caught my eye, not through sight of a setting sun, but through a slanting pink light laying itself between shadows in my backyard (as I washed the dishes). I was so startled I actually said something very close to swearing, which made my son laugh.
This morning, as I drove my son to school, the light still looked different to me, I thought perhaps it was my imagination, till my son said "Doesn't it look like summer today? I mean the trees are bare, and there needs to be a whole lot more green, but something about it looks like summer" and I said "Yeah, I think it is the light, the light looks different" and he said "Yeah, it does".


Paul said...

That first picture is beautiful, frameable even. I'm sure it was even more striking in person.


Taffiny said...


They were all A LOT better in person.
The middle photo completely lost its pink glowiness, while the first one managed to retain a mere hint of it. It was the wonderful contrast between the pink light, and the shadowy areas which made them so pretty in real life.
I was tempted to "adjust" them to look how they really looked...but decided against it.

I'm glad you still liked the first one.

Cheese is trying to dig a hole outside in the ever encroaching darkness, and cold. I am by the window looking out at his shadowy form. I told him the ground is still frozen, but he recently watched the movie Holes, and then read the book, so that must be it. The poor dear, he is taken by strange notions of amusement, quite like his mother. But I for one do not plan on digging any holes before mid-March.

Vesper said...

The light is different, indeed. Spring is coming!

Beautiful pictures, Taffiny!

Taffiny said...


Spring is coming! :)
I am torn between needing time to go slow because I am always behind, and wanting to rush ahead to warmer days. I love spring. I wish I could hit forward fast now, and then add this time to my spring days.