Thursday, February 14, 2008


Cheese made a menu for this week, not my ideal menu, but he said he would be cooking, and I thought that rather ideal, so I didn't fuss.

Of course mostly I have been doing the cooking, but I expected as much during the week. And I have added dishes that contian things like veggies, so I have been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen (not something I like). The upside, (aside from the veg) he is actually eating the meals made.

I have lowered my veg consumption expectation so low for my son, that I would be pleased if he ate one, even if it was covered in fry and filled with cheese.

For some reason I thought it might be nice to make chiles rellenos. I was very wrong. It was not at all nice to make them.
I had planned to make them for Monday, but today was the day they finally were done.


I consider it all an awful business. Fraught with the inability to separate the skin (though I did blister it, and put it in a sealed bag for 20 minutes, and when that didn't work, blistered it again, and put it in a sealed bag for another 20 minutes.) from the poblano, then I was to try and get the seeds out, ha ha ha ha ha. Damn it. My peppers ripped apart in places, and still held tight to their skin in others. Then there was oil exploding all over my kitchen in great firey bursts (I took cover, then removed it from heat, then gave it a cover), the extreme effort required (for a lazy bones like me) to whisk those darn egg whites into stiff peaks (my right shoulder will probably hurt for days), and the resulting mess that still needs to be cleaned up. I consider it a battle that began yesterday and that I finally won today. I would like to say they were great, they were okay, mostly I ate it to show my dominance over it, my victory. My stomach does hurt now though, so maybe the peppers will have the last word.

oh and for the sake of balance, fettucine alfredo is so so easy to make, I can not believe I ever bought the sauce pre-made.

Oh and right now I supposed to be making the chicken parm. I would rather attempt to dig a two foot hole in the snow.

It is a good thing I started attempting to cook at 11 am because I forgot to thaw the phyllo needed for dessert (that will take 5 hours to thaw).

Bob will be working. So Valentines day will be Cheese and I, cooking, then I suspect he will make me watch Charlie in the Chocolate Factory again, I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but did enjoy it the second. I wonder how it will be the third time?

oh and


6:30 finally done with the Chicken parm, and all the rest.

most of it turned out edible, some of it was even good, but I would be very happy to never cook again, I prefer to assemble.


Paul said...

I thought this was a great, funny, post, though I'm sure it wasn't while you were experiencing it.

Also, the chicken parm looks delicious.

Taffiny said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it,
and no it was not so much fun while it was happening (if anything, the oil thing was an understatement not an exaggeration) the upside, my life must be pretty easy because I was able to consider this an ordeal.
Oh and I don't know if it was the poblanos having the last victory over me or not, but I couldn't sleep before 3am do to stomach pains and distress.

Thanks, the chicken parm was (surprisingly) good, and also about a trillion calories, as Cheese made sure I floured and bread crumbed it, and insisted on using a sauce (happily for me a jar sauce) that had three cheeses in it, plus of course plenty of mozz and more bread crumbs on top. I am just pleased that we all liked it, making it worth the effort.
Cheese flat out refused to try the chiles.
The upside, I will never have to make chiles rellenos again!!!