Thursday, August 16, 2007

sorta stealing?

Cheese and I gathered these from the trays and shelf around the plants at the store

Then we bring them home and plant them. Some root and grow, and some don't.
We have cacti as well, we bought all of those, but the succulents are about half and half.
I justify it with, I wouldn't buy the plants anyway, so they aren't losing a sale, and they just throw out these tiny little bits that have fallen off. And I do buy the special soil I plant them in, from this store.
It isn't the sort of thing I would normally do, but I have fallen to peer pressure, you should hear the 11yr old, who I know I should be setting a good example for, (who wont pick any of them up himself) trying to get me to take every last little bit of plant that has dropped off. (but I have rules, things I will and wont do, even a thief has standards and codes to live by.)

by the bye, they aren't usually clustered like that, I put some of them together to photo


Vesper said...

No, it's not stealing at all, Taffiny. You're not taking them from the pots - you're saving them! :-) (The only problem would be if someone at the store would question their provenance...

Taffiny said...

I like your attitude Vesper.
Saving, not stealing.
Yes, the provenance thing concerns me; an employee might see it from a different angle than I.

It is only a the big home improvement centers that you find such things, at plant shops, they pick up (and do what with?) the little pieces that fall off.

I hope you had a great vacation, I will have to stop by soon.

Thank you for the honor; I don't know how one, picks such things up?

Vesper said...

You just have to save the picture, then put it somewhere on your blog, if you want to.

Amy said...

Hi taffiny, I found your sight on Vesper's blog, I too received her award this year, when I saw my name on her sight my tummy got butterflies, I felt so joyfully flattered. Anyway, I came here to say that I love the way you used all that cut crystal in the window for the plant cuttings (I agree with Vesper, that you saved and not stole). I have a lot of that glass from my grandmothers not at all flaunting its beauty in the light like yours. I'll have to tink about how it might work in my windows. I'm going to add you to my favorites link list, ok?
Regards from Spain, Amy

Taffiny said...


Hi, and welcome. Please do. I'll come visit you soon.

Mine are from my grandmother too! They were just sitting in the cupboard, and then I needed something to put a cutting in, and thought one would work till I got a planter, so I took it out, and so on, and so on, I never bought the planters. At first it felt weird, not using them appropriately, like they should be saved especially for that use, but then I never used them at all. I don't do things the way she used to, but I like pulling her, and her things, into my world, my life. Seeing them there, a blend of her and me, makes me happy.