Saturday, August 18, 2007

ah the wonderful world of cat genetics

I finally found some useful information. Seems I needed to google male calico, instead of mi-ke, and bob tail. Very rare, but possible, with xxy, thus most likely sterile, which is fine for me and my imaginary cat purposes, might make him less likely to spray in Mik's house. Plus the mi-ke male rarity but still possiblity does add to the cat as being special and bringing special fortune with him. Which indeed he is, and does.


mutleythedog said...

Is your cat called cheese? Does it talk to you?If so maybe you could cross it with a gorilla or a monkey or something? Yer are very odd..

Taffiny said...

Cat is Sebastian, aka, Sebi-Katt, or Sebi-tuna, my son is called Cheese.

Odd? Perhaps, honestly it is hard to tell. Looking around seeing all the other people and what they are up to. Am I nutty, or as common as vanilla? I can't tell. And any way, It is fine with me either way.

I do not believe that gorillas and monkeys can talk (I mean in a language I can understand), and unlike the cat, are not litter box trained, and are thus harder to clean up after, so I see no advantage in such a cross breed.
My son does however talk to me (well so does the cat), and is toilet trained, quite the best of the whole lot, I'd say.