Friday, August 24, 2007


it is a bummer, when I am excited about something in my writing, and I want to tell someone, share it. I vaguely babble on about it to family, without any details, and I know they have no idea what I am talking about. It is hard not to burst forth and just tell them parts of the story, but I can't, I will need them to read it later, fresh, not knowing where they are going. So they can tell me, what they did and didn't see, and feel, along the way.

Bob will be a bummer to share it (story) with no matter what. I might not even bother to have him read the draft and give me input. So why not tell him stuff now? Because, my excited," guess what I just found out?!" about my story wont interest him anyway. And his lack of seeing how great this new bit of info is, might zap some energy from me. And what would be the point.

I guess there is no one to tell. Do writers tell people such things, in their circle, group of friends, family, and hopefully other writers? I don't have lots of those (people), and of those that I have that would even have a millisecond of interest in such things, those are the ones, I will need to read through the draft and tell me general impressions. Name isn't clear, I think it was Elizabeth George in her book on writing that said she has 8 people read her draft, with an envelope of questions they don't open till after they have read it, and then answer. So even though I am not done with the draft, I think about this, and don't blurt out story parts, and developments to those I talk to. 8 people? I don't have 8 people. Two of the people I would have liked to have read it, have died. And it seems like it would be the hardest thing, opening oneself up in this way, making oneself vulnerable to the opinions of family, and such. Easy enough to blurt out pieces of story, lot less risk in that. But I should probably have a least a couple people read over it, when I think I am done, to tell me where I am unclear, or overlong.

So now I am wondering-
if the other would be writers out there, share their story ideas, and parts of story, with family and friends, and whether or not they plan on having any of these people read over their story when it is done?


Vesper said...

I don't share story ideas - I don't feel it necessary during the writing of the story. When I finish it, after reviewing it till I'm relatively pleased with it, I will give it to a few people, my husband, and three very good friends. My husband will only tell me if he liked it or point out mistakes in plot, etc. With my friends, I can discuss it in depth, discuss motivations, choices, etc.

Taffiny said...

I probably think of it, because it has been 10 years, you, I am sure, have a quicker turn-over.

Ok, so you wait till you are done, go over it, fine tuning it yourself, then give it to husband and few good friends. Sounds like a good idea.

Bob said he would indeed be willing to read it, and that I should finish writing the thing already, so that he can. I guess I need to focus my energy, away from verbally wanting to share the story, into finishing it on paper, so I can share it in its entirety with someone. (for better or worse)

Minx said...

It is good to share with someone you trust and who shares your interest. Family and friends cannot help with the nitty gritty.

And yes, I will share a storyline, again with someone I trust. After spending a whole week with another author recently, I had the luxury of bending her ear so much that it nearly snapped off. This was a mutual experience btw. We both write different genre's but discussing plots and synopsis is something we both know about.
Sometimes, telling someone else is enough to make it clearer in your head and gives you that first all important reaction to the idea that you want to shape.

Verilion said...

When I was outlining I did share the outline with one person and that was enough to help me see first problems. Now I share very vaguely what it's about, then I have three/four people who have offered to read it and I will take up each and every one of them because each person picks up on different things. Also there may be something I really like and will ignore the first time round, but if it's brought up again then I will know that it really does need changing. Although I do bend the ear off my colleagues and family, I've found blogging to be a really good way of sharing all those writerly things I worry about.

Minx said...

Could find an email, Taffiny, but just to say, if you want some edit support you will find my email on my blog.

Taffiny said...

Sounds like fun, bending each other's ears, till they 'bout snap off. I hadn't thought about the potential of using talking about it, as a tool (talking to writers). Glad you had such a good experience.

Oh, no email here. You should see all the offers I get through my email, to make body parts (I don't even have) much larger, and rolex watches, and "meds", and more copious..well you get the idea.
Thank you so much for the offer. If I can jump the first hurdle, finishing the draft, and the second, being an extreme chicken, then you may very well get he chance to regret your generous offer.

Thank you. It helps me to know how other people go about this process. Your way sounds good to me.

I've realized I am quite out of excuses, as I do know all the parts. It is just a matter of figuring out how to properly sew them together.