Saturday, August 11, 2007

eyes exercise

Reading witnessing am I, today, David was talking about looking into people's eyes, and knowing their souls, feeling a connection, as David is apt to do. Which made me think about my characters and my writing, and how I am not, nor are my characters, likely to have such experiences.
His character was at an airport. The poem involved two people who never met. Well wait that doesn't sound right, for in a way they deeply met, but not physically, not verbally.
This gave me an idea. I started thinking it might be good for me to do a writing exercise, where I imagine I am sitting on a bus, no ipod, no book, nothing running through my mind, no plans, no daydreams, just me sitting there, physically and mentally idle. So for entertainment I look around at the people on the bus, I take them one at a time, and look into their eyes, they are bored too, so take it in turn to look into mine, and we pass the time reaching into, reading into, each others souls. Seeing what mere eyes can tell us. Of course it wouldn't be just anyone on this bus, it would be filled with the characters from the story I am working on. I haven't done it yet, but I do keep picturing us sitting on the bus together. I didn't know Mikiyoshi had a sort of brief case carry all, black with a strap that slung over his shoulder. But I saw it today.
This reminds me a bit of, The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray, where he recommends, an exercise where you write out a dream sequence for your characters. Just sort of stream of consciousness. I started to do it, a long while back, but being me never finished.
Which brings my attention to, I have been creatively loafing.
But I like this idea, the bus ride, for of course we are all traveling together. I thought maybe a train, but that wouldn't be intimate enough. No, it is a bus, and it is bumpy...and we aren't sure, any one of us, that we will ever get there, and we look about at each other hopefully.

speaking of eyes, mine are not the same size, darn isight and blog, I never realized it before these past few months. Maybe I can forget, I forget a great many things.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I read David's piece.
Just great expression and detail.
Good depth.

So... you are right. This IS a good exercise. I'm very glad you are doing it, I hope that it works out well. I'll be interested to hear how it comes out for you.
What a clever thing to do. Get to know your characters. You'll write better about them, I am sure.

Eyes are truly the window to the soul.

I don't make eye contact a lot because I don't like people getting that close... being able to see that much of me.
I hide a lot.
But sometimes... sometimes I let someone in, a bit, and sharing that moment can be very moving.
Sad, good, scary, wonderful, it varies.
If it's good, it's followed with smiles, and then there is a magic connection that is precious and delightful.

How's that for insight?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

PS - how do I not have you on my blogroll? SMACK - I am off to put you there immediately!

Taffiny said...

I hope I do follow through, and that it does prove helpful.

I never really thought about how much I do or do not look into people's eyes. I guess that is part of the value of reading blogs. David's writing had me realize this about myself and my characters. I guess that means that we are all in one way or another hiding. Over-all I wont change it, this about any of us, (it shows that we are hiding, part of us, because we are) but the insight, allows me, the opportunity to use it (the reverse) at some point, if a character does look into anothers eyes, truly- deeply-searchingly, it will have impact, it will be very meaningful, because it will be such a great change. I like that. Actually I love that. How reading other's blogs (and their comments) is giving me insight that helps me see my story, and feel my characters, more clearly.
Every little bit, every tiny piece, every nuance I discover, uncover, helps bring me courage, and lead me on. And I truly hope the bus does have a destination that will be reached.

I can't imagine, what you speak of, the eye contact thing followed by smiles, it sounds amazing. I shall tuck it away, and maybe give an experience like that, as a gift, to one of my charactes in some future story. (and to myself I will suggest the idea, that maybe on occasion I should risk looking into the eyes of others and see what happens)

Of course I do look at peoples eyes in a general sort of way. And I do look into my sons (which he, being like me, protests against).

Thank you Scarlett & V.
Oh I am not there, because I am so all over the place. David often writes writterly things, where as I, write whateverly things. But as always you are very welcome here.