Friday, August 31, 2007

doing that thing again

where I write posts but don't post them, none of them feel right (wrote 3).

And now it is time for me to be going, it will take quite a bit of effort to get the son and I out the door.

Issues at hand-

organizing my time, coming up with my new schedule. Me = productive. personal (writing) practical (housework)

Husband annoyed all the time, feels introverted and lazy wife and son are too involved in solitary projects. It is true, but we are both quite happy, except for Bob's carrying on.

I must start regulating my time in the blogosphere, as I spend too much time happily wandering around here.
(Like I should just stop in once a day, after I've done my story writing, housework, exercise..yada yada..)


mutleythedog said...

Stop by me anytime...

Taffiny said...

What happened to your hat?