Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the basement

(picture of blooming broom, since I am trying to sweep stuff clean)

I didn't know I would find so much emotion there among all that stuff
it felt like a journey through time
boxes of stuff that belonged to my nana and pop
Cheese's baby clothes and toys
Bob's photos of his youth, and our courting, and little Cheese
It made me realize it is all going by so fast
I was struck by waves of nostaglia
and the sense of what has gone by and will not be again
And of the preciousness of today, the time we have together
and how fleeting it is
fleet feet of speed will carry it off
And suddenly I wish to drop the whole thing, and spend the time more happily with Cheese
Organizing the basement will wait till fall
but I do need to finish some of what I started there
for I do need to take more stuff out of the game/computer room, so that I can put the stuff Cheese took out of his room, in there. But I don't want to get buried in it. I don't want to miss our now.

you may very well be able to fill three jugs, but you will only be able to carry two.
if you don't keep pulling off the dead blooms, new ones wont form.
despite your plans, things will bloom and grow, plant themselves, and also die off, in unexpected ways.
if you do it in a wussy way it wont work
(I failed to get the steam vac to clean the carpets, because I was being too ginergly about it, after 20 minutes of tinkering, and redoing, and retaching parts, I realized that I simply wasn't getting it sufficiantly wet and soapy for the machine to suck back up the dirty water. Felt really really dumb, when I figured out that was the problem.)
(the sink garbage disposal stopped working, I tinkered here and there to no avail. I though perhaps there was a re-start button, I thought I found a red one, and tried to push it, but nothing happened. Later Bob came home and fixed it, by pushing on the button harder than I had. This failure to push hard enough also caused me to be unable to work the oreck vacuum without help. Luckily Bob was home, to show me, that the reason it didn't go on when I hit the on botton was that I wasn't hitting it hard enough). I feel this bit of insight is from the universe, telling me that I need to apply myself with more force if I wish to accomplish what I set out to do. If it seems things don't work, than perhaps the trouble is merely that I am not working hard enough.

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