Friday, July 4, 2008


a wonderful shirley poppy bloom. Countless seeds last year, with sad results. But this year, I shall have at least two plants of this kind, and several of some other type of shirleys. This girl makes me happy, when outside, I rush over to her and coo, telling her how pretty she is. Thanking her for growing, for blooming in my garden, now her garden. Our garden. I have heard that poppies reseed themselves wildly. Really? Really, 'cause mine never have. Now the cosmos they are a lively prolific bunch.

Right next to this poppy, which might be called falling in love, I should check I have sooooo many empty poppy seed packets and so little plants, I should find out who is who, and who never showed. Anyway right next to her is this site

the devastation of rose petals

these nasty J Beetles. I knock them off into this jar of water, letting petals fall in, and sometimes clipping the whole bud into the vessel, and then seal them up. I can't really imagine a good way of killing anything, but here they die among the flowers they devour.
I am soon off to the beach, just in time for what threatens to be days of rain. Hopefully we will have a good time anyway, and hopefully the threat of rain is over-estimated.
At any rate, the beetles will enjoy their vacation from me. And I will no doubt return to a roseless garden.


Minx said...

I love poppies - they are always sort of languorous and unkempt. They seed themselves in the hedgerows in England. I don't think I have any of those gross looking beetles on me roses though.

Taffiny said...


-They seed themselves in the hedgerows in England- is a lovely sentence.
So is the sentence that follows it. Perhaps I should move across the pond. To be rid of those beetles and still have roses would feel like a dream.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Those poppies are stunning - you're so lucky to be able to grow them.

Do hope you're not rained out on your trip to the beach. It's been raining here for days and days and days and the garden is full of soggy guinea fowl and sodden squirrels - poor things.

Bee said...

I have never seen the beautiful Shirley poppy! I like all poppies, even the banal orange ones, but this is truly gorgeous.

So sad about your beetle infestation/devastation.

Oh, and we've had lots of rain, too. Thunderstorms yesterday -- with hail.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poppie indeed. So soft, so fragile, so tender.

I loved the image in your previous post too -- was it a smear? What was out of focus in the middle? I am not sure, but I loved it.

Hope you are breathing, Ms Taffiny, with notebook, with Cheese, with beaches and sunshine.

strugglingwriter said...

That is a beautiful flower. I need to plant me some of those.

Vesper said...

Beautiful poppies!
I see you've added a manuscript title to your side bar... Excellent! :-)

Alyson said...

What beautiful pictures! Those are some lovely flowers. I hope, someday, to partake in the joyful and frustrating hobby of gardening.

Taffiny said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting.


We didn't get rained out :). It was a bit cooler than usual, but that just meant it was pleasant instead of hot, and we played on the sand rather than in the water.

There is something endearing about the image of your soggy and sodden garden creatures.


I quite like poppies, I admit I do prefer some colors to others, grand of you to embrace them all.

I returned home today- 5pm Saturday, and not a single rose insight, the beetles had a PAAArrrTTyyy while I was away.

Thundrstorms can be great; hail not so much.


Yes. I am glad I took as many pictures of her as a mother does of her newborn, for it rained that evening, and she was gone. (there are other buds on the plant though, unless they all bloomed and faded while I was away. I haven't checked yet)

Originally it was a reflection, a long dash of light, as I took the photo through a window; I tried to soften the reflection, and it just looked blurry; bummer; but then I saw a bunny in the blur, jumping over my flowers. So I decided to go with it.

Thank you. I did breathe!! And I actually slept at night, unlike last year on vacation when I did not. It all went too fast, but (aside from packing to get there, and packing to return home) I was very calm. Pleasant seas, just being, and I actually worked on my writing.


Yes you do. I only got two plants out of an entire seed packet, but still totally worth it.


Thanks. :) I will stop by soon to read the rest of your story.
It was there, but it wasn't very tidy, so I tightened it up. I got very limited internet on vacation, but when I could I stopped in and added to my word count. It was nice to see you had visited.


Thanks. And I suppose whoever (botanist I assume) managed to work with God and create them would appreciate your appreciation.

Ah you sound like you already know it well, joyful and frustrating